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natural soap

bodygoodies soaps are exactly that—good for your body! Uniquely formulated to deliver benefits to your skin from nature's best. These gentle, natural, handmade soaps are vitamin, mineral and moisture rich for a healthy whole body cleanse. The soaps in this category are bars that will be stocked all year round. We consider these bars to be essential bars in the line, each unique, all popular, covering all the bases for your head to toe cleansing needs.


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small batch limited edition soaps

the soaps in this category are made in small batch quantity! they may come back someday, they may not. Some of them will be here annually - just once each year, some of them will make their return due to you demanding it back, and some ...... some will be gone forever as soon as they're sold out.

seasonal soaps

the bars in this category will come back to BG for the second half of the year. if we have any leftover stock we will keep them available online until supplies are gone.


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products for the face

bodygoodies facial serums are loaded with the best ingredients from the simple to the stellar. great for all skin types, designed to be your all in one daily moisturizer.

gift packs

These items are currently out of stock, please check back soon!

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Are you in the area? If so, stop in and say "Hello". We are always whipping up surprises.

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i love my bodygoodies!

A beautiful work of art that is so darn pretty, I'm having difficulty using it...sigh. The smell is amazing. — Dabloenterprise